i want realistic modern fantasy like

someone finding a dragon egg and livetweeting the process of trying to hatch it (with no prior knowledge on how a dragon egg should be hatched)

a guy selling an enchanted sword on craigslist

a tattoo artist who does spell runes but for really mundane stuff like conjuring a bound demonic pen or for summoning your keys

summoning a demon for the vine

selfies with mermaids

prank calling wizards


It’s like his teaching him to fly. Spread your wings dude, Flyyyyy.


Archangel Gabriel

Requested by anonymous


"I'm the one who's been watching over you your entire life."
An eviction. What year is it again?
Gabriel, Dominion 1x07 (via onaiwah)


Michael’s Armor Appreciation Post

Michael + Alex Lannon → Season 01 Episode 07